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TM Promo Sulit Tawag - 2013 Promo Call of TM

I want to share about this one promo of TM this year of 2013
that who are looking for new promos of TM. So if you want also of promo call from TM here is the one I recommend for you, the Sulit Tawag that allow you to call to your TM and Globe friends with the exact limit of 3 minutes only but your load is only P5. So we can say that promo is very suitable for like yours. The Sulit Tawag Promo Call of TM is open only to TM subscribers.

How to avail or use the Sulit Tawag Promo of TM?
- to make a call, just dial only the 806 plus 10 digits numbers of TM or Globe.
- P5 per 3 minutes of call
- open and available to TM subscribers

Star Sulit Tawag now! So what are you waiting for? start call now!  
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